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We are energy and infrastructure marketing geeks

Essense Partners is a unique team of energy, marketing, design, and technology experts who thrive at the intersection of nerdy and creative.

We combine research-driven insights, thoughtful creativity, and technology to tell compelling stories that build stronger brand relationships between energy and technology organizations and their stakeholders – customers, employees, partners, investors, communities, and the environment.

We bring passion and rigor to every project, helping our clients create a greater understanding that promotes action, differentiates, and leads communities and organizations to a more sustainable future.

We work with the
innovators, builders, difference-makers.

Nobody knew how game changing 5G would be until the innovators designed the technology and the builders installed the network gear. They are the folks whose stories we are driven to tell.  

Energy and Infrastructure

Most people take everyday luxuries like power, water, and waste management for granted, only thinking about them when there are outages or service issues. Building resilient, sustainable systems takes a lot of gritty, hands-on effort that largely goes unseen. But those are the human stories we love to tell because they build understanding and appreciation for the effort and investment that goes into the critical systems that we all rely upon.


We thrive at the brink between qualitative and quantitative. Stakeholders like customers, employees, partners, and policy-makers are often skeptical of private investment in “public” projects. Yet many of the most successful, large-scale projects were public/private partnerships. We facilitate conversations that build stakeholder trust and establish value.

Engineering Firms

Even with the billions of dollars of incentives made available for clean energy and sustainability, savvy engineers are needed to help end-users navigate the complexities of both financial incentives and implementation. We help engineering firms refine their messaging and marketing to drive engagement and generate leads.

Our Clients

Dreamers that get ____ done.

Innovators making real impact.

Makers. Change-drivers.

Our clients span the public and private sectors, energy services, clean tech, private equity, institutions, and engineering services.

While these organizations’ missions can be vastly different, what they all have in common is they envision and work toward a better tomorrow for their customers, employees, partners, investors, and communities.

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