We disrupt energy conversations and help clients lead market change.

Essense Partners is an award-winning strategic marketing firm focused on the evolving energy sector, with offices in New York and San Francisco. We challenge the status quo of marketing. We are a creative team of strategists, marketers and technology experts, all with extensive previous energy sector experience.



Essense is a fusion of essence and sense

When you have a physical product, educating customers is easy. In the energy and resources work that we do, many educational and communications topics that we come across are amorphous. Energy itself is intangible and the efforts to get energy to customers tend to be  invisible in everyday life.

Yet, the customer benefit is significant and growing each day.

At Essense, we provide customers with a strong intuitive sense of the benefits and emotions that they experience from energy, in a concise and telegraphic way that gets to the essence of our clients’ business and core messages. That’s our essense.


We have won many awards for our work.

AESP| Outstanding Achievement in Residential Program Design Award

AESP| Outstanding Achievement in Pricing

Bulldog PR| Best Green Campaign

Bulldog PR| Best Technology Campaign

Distributech| Consumer Engagement Award

E-Source| Customer Marketing Award

PLMA| Consumer Marketing Award

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