We are Energy Experts

We are Seasoned Operators, Developers and Creatives

We have Proven Track Records with Industry Leaders.

Supporting the Builders

Elevating infrastructure brands

Essense Partners is proud to have worked with various innovators working on critical infrastructure projects and supporting service and technology providers.

Simplifying the complex

You’re in a complex, regulated industry. Effective engagement is vital to maintaining and growing stakeholder support. We work with you to develop and implement thoughtful strategies reinforced by various tactical engagement solutions. 

Strengthening your workforce 

Digital platforms allow you to educate, measure, and manage your field-based employees. We provide the technology and content to ensure an engaged, safe, and productive workforce. 

Building trust digitally

Social media channels offer innovative brands the opportunity to personalize and scale their messaging like never before. We’ll uncover your most effective messages and build a strategy and tactical plan to share the positive effects you are making. 

Our Leadership Team

We have a purpose-driven culture and are committed to supporting our diverse and talented team to make an impact through their respective areas of expertise. We believe in transparency, integrity, and lifelong learning and actively foster those ideals through professional development and our committed, supportive leadership team. 

David Barnum

“I’ve been known to joke, ’Yeah, this is why I went to art school‘ when refining a business model, building digital products or analyzing data. In other words, I love tech, and I live to apply design thinking to solve business challenges.”

Wesley Holmes

“The clean energy transition is more of a cultural shift than it is a technical one. My purpose is helping people to understand clean energy technology and discover their own sense of purpose in contributing to positive change.“

Simiao Yu

“Design is not just creating pretty visuals, it’s more about solving problems and creating lasting value.”

Mindy Tang

“Quality over quantity paves the way for lasting success and fulfillment.”

James Lindstrom

“We help our clients create value along the journey to sustainability and responsible investing. We do so by activating and amplifying their potential to deliver and promote positive outcomes for all stakeholders.”

Analytical and Creative

Our team thrives at the intersection of numbers and narrative. We dive deep to understand complex systems and technologies better to craft artful stories and visual assets that foster support from stakeholders. 

Collaborative and supportive

We believe good ideas can come from anywhere – including our clients. We open up our process – particularly in the early stages of development – to allow all contributors to participate in surfacing the best thinking. 

Driven by Passion

By supporting innovators and builders, our work also supports the transition to a more equitable and sustainable future. 

Empowered growth

We believe in and commit resources to our team’s professional development. 

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