How We Unlock Value With Our Brand Audit

How We Unlock Value With Our Brand Audit

Power utilities and infrastructure technology companies face increasing demands to deliver exceptionally reliable services, foster strong customer relationships, and differentiate themselves in the market. A brand audit can be the catalyst for achieving these goals.

What is a Brand Audit?

Our brand audit is a first step toward better understanding how your brand systems, strategies, and tactics work together to deliver value to your organization. It helps you understand whether your brand strategy and tactical communications programs are connecting with your stakeholders—customers, employees, regulators, investors and the community. Our process involves an initial analysis of various interaction points, from your website and social media presence to customer service scripts, events, and even field-team training programs. We also evaluate a variety of your marketing assets and programs for continuity.

Why Power Utilities and Infrastructure Technology Companies Need a Brand Audit

Fortify Customer Trust and Loyalty

A well-crafted brand instills trust. A brand audit can pinpoint areas where your messaging, positioning and customer interactions might be misaligned, enabling you to clarify and orchestrate communication programs that bolster customer trust and loyalty.

Rise Above Than the Competition

A distinct brand identity (e.g., your logo) is a flag that flies above your brand ship. It’s important to note that effective branding takes into account multiple touchpoints. Our brand audit illuminates your unique strengths and values, empowering you to craft a captivating visual and verbal identity that helps your organization stay on course.

Navigate Regulatory Waters

Power utilities and Infrastructure Technology companies operate in a heavily regulated landscape. A brand audit can ensure your messaging aligns with these regulations, communicating your commitment to compliance.

Safeguard Your Reputation

The initial touchpoint analysis in our starter brand audit can identify potential threats to your reputation and equip you to develop strategies to mitigate them. It can also unearth opportunities to elevate your reputation through community involvement and social responsibility initiatives.

Fuel Business Growth

A robust brand is a growth engine. Our brand audit identifies your brand’s strengths and weaknesses, enabling us to tailor marketing and communication strategies that effectively attract and retain both customers and investors.


A brand audit isn’t just a worthwhile exercise for Power Utilities and Infrastructure Technology companies; it’s a strategic imperative. You’re investing in your company’s future by investing in a brand audit. You’re ensuring your brand remains relevant and resilient in an ever-changing global marketplace.

Is your brand energizing your company’s potential?
Consider a brand audit to unleash its full power.

Enterprise Intelligence Solution

Enterprise Intelligence Solution

Imagine a platform where you can access all your data, content, and learning resources in one place. Our Enterprise Intelligence Solution makes this vision a reality, providing a unified digital platform designed to help users gain comprehensive insights across their organization. This user-friendly solution doesn’t just present data; it makes data interact with knowledge and learning resources, transforming insights into actionable improvements.

A Holistic Approach to Data, Content, and Learning

Our solution is divided into three interconnected areas: data, content, and learning tools. Each component works in harmony to enhance skills and boost productivity.

Data Features

Data Collection

Gather data from various internal and external sources via API or direct input.

Custom Assessments

Conduct evaluations within the platform.

Data Analysis

Analyze data from multiple sources for comprehensive insights.

Data Visualization

Create data dashboards in formats ranging from tables to graphs.

Content Features

Content Aggregation

Collect content in various formats from both internal and external sources.

Content Retention

Store content in custom retention libraries for future reference.

Content Tagging

Simplify content organization with tagging for easy sorting.

Learning Features

Insight-Driven Learning

Use data and content features to drive learning through performance gap analyses and benchmarking.

Actionable Insights

Generate action items and learning content based on analysis and benchmarking results.

Advanced Capabilities for a Dynamic Experience

But that’s just the beginning. Our platform is packed with advanced features designed to enhance functionality and user experience such as:

  • Comprehensive Data Storage
  • OCR Technology to Extract Text From Images
  • Dynamic Relationships Tagging Structure
  • Mobile-Friendly Design
  • Custom Page Templates
  • Interactive Event Tracking
  • Engagement Dashboards
  • Data Versioning and History
  • User-Friendly Content Management
  • Collaborative Annotations and Comments
  • Secure User Management

Our Enterprise Intelligence Solution is more than just a platform; it’s a transformative tool that streamlines data management, enhances content accessibility, and fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement. Join us in turning your legacy data and documentation into actionable insights and learning.

Boost your Infrastructure Brand

Boost your Infrastructure Brand

The Unique Branding Challenges in the Infrastructure Sector

Infrastructure companies face unique challenges in building and maintaining a strong brand. Often, the immediate operational needs and demands overshadow the long-term benefits of a well-defined brand strategy. In an industry where the focus is typically on project completion, efficiency, and functionality, branding might not seem like a priority. However, a strong brand can be a critical asset, driving customer loyalty, attracting top talent, and differentiating your business in a competitive market.

The Power of a Brand Audit

Essense Partners’ new brand audit solution, designed specifically for the infrastructure sector, offers a high-impact, low-cost solution to boost your marketing efforts. Unlike traditional branding exercises that can be time-consuming and costly, a typical brand audit from Essense Partners takes only 2-3 weeks, delivering substantial ROI and a significant impact for your business.

What a Brand Audit Can Reveal

A comprehensive brand audit can uncover invaluable insights into several key areas:

Brand Identity and Messaging

Your brand identity and messaging are the cornerstones of how your company is perceived. It’s important that your core values are clearly communicated and resonate with your target audience. A brand audit evaluates whether your messaging aligns with your company’s mission and values, ensuring consistency across all channels. This alignment helps in building a strong, trustworthy brand that stands out in the marketplace.

Market Positioning

By understanding where you stand relative to your competitors, you can strategically position your brand to attract more business and build a loyal customer base. A brand audit identifies opportunities to differentiate your company, highlighting your unique strengths and competitive advantages.

Digital Presence

In today’s digital age, your online presence is often the first impression potential clients have of your business. A brand audit assesses the effectiveness of your digital channels, from your website to social media platforms. It helps in optimizing these channels for maximum engagement, ensuring that your online presence is not only visible but also compelling and informative.

Audience Perception

A brand audit provides insights into audience perceptions, revealing areas where your brand excels and where there is room for improvement. By addressing these areas, you can strengthen your brand’s reputation and build a stronger relationship with your stakeholders.

Essense Partners brings a wealth of experience and industry-specific expertise to the table. Our understanding of the unique challenges faced by infrastructure companies ensures that our solutions are not only effective but also relevant. We pride ourselves on delivering actionable insights and practical recommendations that drive real-world results. Partner with us to elevate your brand and achieve your business goals.

Virtual Power Plants

Virtual Power Plants

A New Era in Energy Services

The energy sector is experiencing the most transformative and exciting era since its creation. The developing market for virtual power plant services represents the culmination of several technological advancements intersecting to realize a new paradigm in energy services that empowers energy consumers like never before and demands a reinvention of utility customer engagement strategy.

With the maturation of grid-interactive devices and controls combined with the rapid decline in costs for distributed generation and battery storage, buildings are no longer the end of the line for electrons, but a two-way street. Leveraging a distributed energy resource management system (DERMS) platform, enhanced interconnectivity can turn our built environment into grid-scale generation, storage, and demand response assets. Utilities increasingly find that behind-the-meter investments in grid-interconnected buildings and devices are not just a value-added service for their customers, but a cost-effective investment in the energy system as a whole with far-reaching economic and social benefits.

Solving Old Problems and Creating Shared Value

Inefficient use of energy in buildings is a burden on everyone, generating higher utility costs for consumers, exacerbating strain on the grid, and increasing public costs for housing and energy bill assistance programs. The causes and impacts of energy burden are varied, systemic, and not equitably borne, but they do ripple out across every facet of our economy. Despite the shared societal impact created by energy insecurity, our traditional approach to energy service models tended to view investments in demand-side management as a form of charity to building occupants as opposed to an investment in overall grid stability and cost management.

The concept of a virtual power plant, weaving together grid-interactive and efficient buildings to provide scalable load management and demand response capacity, flips the script on this dynamic and provides a cost-effective and quantifiable business case for investing in building infrastructure. Virtual plants not only turn energy sinks into load shaping, energy storage, and energy supply assets but they also create new revenue streams and capitalization models for single and multifamily developers, property owners, housing authorities, and other market actors. A shared benefit of this model is that it can also support expanded access to healthy and affordable housing.


Minding the Trust Gap

Perhaps the most significant challenge to realizing these investments is neither technical nor financial, but cultural. For example, strategic investments in virtual power plant capacity in communities bearing the brunt of energy insecurity would yield the greatest benefit to the grid, the building occupants, and the broader economy. However, most of these customers do not believe their energy providers have their best interest at heart and are highly skeptical of furthering their financial entanglements with them, let alone entrusting them with control over the key energy systems they depend on inside their own homes.  

Historically, utilities have not enjoyed high levels of trust among their customers. While this has improved in recent years with increased investments in communications, there is still a long way to go. A study conducted by the Association of Energy Services Professionals and Essense Partners found that on average only 17% of customers participate in available demand response programs. These participation rates are not nearly sufficient to realize virtual power plant capacity at scale, which is essential to managing the growing demand for electricity and mitigating the threat of increasingly frequent, unpredictable, and devastating climate change events.  

A Fresh Approach Can Yield a Fresh Start

Not only are virtual power plants a viable path to meeting the prevailing technical challenges facing the utility industry, they also offer a valuable opportunity for utilities to redefine their brand and establish a new and more profitable relationship with their customers. An old expression popular among utilities was that their services and their role stop at the meter. The same can be said from the customer’s perspective. Their energy needs are in their homes and places of work, and traditionally their interest and understanding of energy stopped on their side of the meter as well. For utilities and customers, those days are over.

Whereas investments in a new power plant or distant transmission lines can feel remote or abstract to consumers, virtual power plant technology brings utility investment into consumers’ homes and workplaces. Investments in building efficiency, onsite generation and storage, smart devices, and controls feel real to consumers because they directly and immediately serve their needs. It’s technology they can see, feel, and engage with. These are resources that increase their comfort, control, and satisfy the growing need for a sense of security and reliability in the face of extreme weather, rolling blackouts, and other external threats.

Recent research finds that pro-social, pro-environmental, and service-oriented investments are the surest path to increasing consumer trust. These attributes are inherent in building out virtual power plant capacity, which are much more than smart tech. A virtual power plant means diversified and dynamic customer services, combatting climate change and mitigating its impact, creating healthier communities, and redressing disparity in housing and environmental justice. In short, virtual power plants are an investment in consumers and communities. The payoff is earning trust while building a stronger energy system.

Change is Here, Are You Ready?

The technological shifts underpinning virtual power plants is already underway. Automakers have officially entered the energy services space. Renewable energy and battery storage manufacturing is growing worldwide and poised for major breakthroughs in performance and cost efficiency. Big tech is looking to harness their data analytics capabilities to give consumers’ the kind of real time energy management capability that will make going off-grid an increasingly realistic option. Disruption is coming for the energy sector.

The future of energy services will be defined by increased transaction and collaboration between utilities, energy consumers, and third-party technology and service providers. The utilities that are successful will be those that evolve and position themselves as trustworthy stewards of the transition rather than obstacles to it. That evolution begins with reinventing the utility relationship with its customers and working to build trust-based collaborative partnerships with them and their technology providers. Essense Partners is committed to working with our clients and peers to develop these new engagement models, create new brand strategies, and help build a cleaner, more resilient, and more equitable energy system.