Our results driven approach is consistent across each of our services. Whether your goal is to grow your business, elevate your brand, or better understand and engage with your customers and stakeholders, Essense is here to deliver success.


All too often, market research is garbage in, garbage out.

We fixed that.

Our market focus and deep experience in providing services beyond the research phase, means we ask questions that matter, for insights that drive success.

Because energy is evolving fast.


We’ve created a new standard for energy marketing campaigns and communications.

Just like any good story has an a-ha moment, so do our campaigns. That’s how we ensure that not only do customers stay engaged with you but they learn something memorable each time they interact with our client brands.


We know energy.

And we know how to navigate you through market transformations.

We think holistically about evolving business models, ROI and plan implementation strategies optimized around your budget and goals.


Immersive & tactile experiences aren’t easily forgotten.

That’s why we create them.

In today’s competitive industry, lasting impressions count.

We design and build the unexpected, providing tactile multi-sensory experiences that not only show the best of what you have to offer, but also make you stand out as a technology leader.


We transform your brand.

Even though energy itself is amorphous, the role of branding is growing for energy companies as consumer choice proliferates and corporate responsibilities heighten.