NEW – The 2017 Utility Customer


About the 2017 Market Essense Report: The 2017 Utility Customer – May 2017

There are many industry research reports that cover Utility Customer Satisfaction as a theme. While these provide annually trackable metrics, they leave open the question of how the baseline that they measure against may be shifting over time and impacting what is meaningful to track. To resolve this, and to accurately assess how consumers think about energy and utilities today, the Market Essense research methodology adopts a customer-centric frame of reference.

We take timely energy topics and ask 500+ consumers nationwide about them, by placing the questions within the context of the consumers’ daily routines. This allows us to get a real-life snapshot of how consumers incorporate energy and their utility provider into their current thinking. In a rapidly evolving sector like energy, having timely and contextual information is key to being able to develop meaningful messages and campaigns.

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