We invite you to send us your ugliest energy-sector flyer (or infosheet, brochure, infographic, etc) for a chance to receive a FREE design makeover! That’s right, the most hideous promotional material submitted will win our design and strategy services. 

As a strategic marketing firm that is solely focused on the energy sector, we are on a mission to bring better ideas and creativity to our industry. We love to make compelling communication pieces that are wrapped in beautiful design, which help our audience base to see energy in a new light, or to take energy actions that they never imagined before.  

But we know that sometimes, getting there isn’t so easy. And that’s what this contest is about.

There are two ways that you may enter the contest. To submit your entries discreetly, please email them to us at helpus@essensepartners.com. Or, if you would like to brag about your trophy ugly flyer to the world, please share it via Twitter or Instagram #uglyflyer #essensenyc and we’ll be sure to find it.

Contest Rules and Selection Process. We will follow a two-step process. Relative hideousness will first be rated along 5 dimensions by a 10-person panel of Essense employees, with the goal of narrowing down to the top five finalist entries. The finalist flyers will then be voted on by 50 ordinary consumers, anonymously through an online poll. The winner will be notified by September 30th, and the design makeover will be completed before the end of the year. Multiple entries are accepted.

Good luck!