Our energy team attended EEI 2019 to get the latest on the evolving relationship of consumers, companies and utilities. Here’s how Essense is addressing customer experience trends that bridge different areas of the industry.

“Data is everything,” says policy expert Jordan Crenshaw

But using that data means building trust. Utilities and third-party providers will increasingly rely on detailed profiles of consumer energy habits to deliver targeted solutions. Before companies can profile consumers, they need permission to access personal data. Are people comfortable with a utility inferring that they drive electric vehicles or work from home? One of Essense’s top priorities is developing trust between our clients and their customers by highlighting the benefits that a connected and data-driven utility brings to customers.

“Simplification and unification of the experience is needed,” says Google’s Jeff Hamel

Fifty energy solutions with zero customer adoption means zero impact. Companies must design and aggregate solutions in ways that minimize the effort required for consumers to act. As energy choices multiply, it takes more time and knowledge to select products, and combining services from separate providers can result in redundant apps and bills. Providers of energy solutions need to simplify things for consumers and build trust and education during each interaction. At Essense, we work with utilities to provide a holistic narrative on how all technology options work together to benefit the end users of energy, and then streamline the end-user customer experience.

“Let’s open up, learn, be adaptable,” says Dan Bradley of Navigant

Transformation of the energy industry means communication is key, whether between energy companies and customers, or among energy companies themselves. Timing is also critical — upfront communication brings solutions to the market more quickly and ensures that products and services are designed and implemented in ways that best address customer needs. Because Essense handles all aspects of energy industry marketing, from strategy and research to creative messaging, we enable clients to communicate effectively with all program partners and stakeholders to optimize results.