Meet the electrick outlet, which is a life-size outlet sticker that oh-so understatedly resembles the real deal. We came up with it when a client lamented one day, “no one appreciates what we do because you can’t buy bags of electricity at a store.” True indeed, but what do we do with that information? We thought long and hard, and while we couldn’t invent bags of electricity, we felt that maybe, the frustration associated with not being able to plug in your appliances might be an even more effective way to convey the value of electricity.

So for April Fool’s Day this year, we mailed out a bunch of these sly sticky tricks, to give our friends and clients a tough lesson about the true value of electricity. After we felt that a safe amount of time had passed, we reached back out to gauge their reaction.

Here’s what we learned: some people got annoyed; others laughed; and the rest were simply stunned. But then they ALL got it. Everyone intuitively felt what electricity means to them, like they had never felt it before. And they told other people about what had happened to them.

Our sector often talks about the importance of customer experience – it’s certainly become the buzz word of late. However, we’d argue from this social experiment that the absence of experience is sometimes what makes the heart grow fonder. How electrick is that?

Email us at if you’ve got an ideal home for an electrick outlet, and we’ll mail you one!