Demand response (DR) has been an evolving staple of the electricity sector for more than three decades. Today, it is dispatched in situations where high demand causes a temporary spike in wholesale prices, and during emergency conditions when generation is insufficient to meet demand. DR has enabled utilities and system operators to postpone grid investments, while maintaining grid reliability.
Innovations today are reducing the price of sensor technology and automation, while customers and energy service providers continue to increase the adoption and provision of distributed energy resources. These factors among others are creating new opportunities for both new entrants and traditional DR and energy management players.

This 91-page report offers an in-depth analysis of the current and future U.S. demand response market, including a 10-year market forecast, competitive vendor landscape, in-depth vendor profiles and regulatory analysis by market. In addition, the report identifies emerging opportunities and challenges shaping the trajectory of the DR market, including the role of distributed energy resources, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the recent ruling on FERC 745, while also citing notable industry-leading initiatives.