Essense Partners names Rebecca Craft as the Chief Operating Officer, and Thomas Demers as Director of Innovation.

“Essense is fundamentally changing the way we think of marketing for energy and utility companies,” said Mei Shibata, Chief Executive Officer of Essense Partners. “Traditional marketing is a right-brain exercise, but when you have a technical sector that is undergoing business model changes, traditional approaches fall short. What you need in energy is deep left-brain expertise to set the business strategy first, and then the creative marketing skills to help customers experience that vision.” Essense delivers on this differentiated approach by building a team of both marketing and energy sector experts.

Prior to joining Essense, Craft served as Chief Customer Officer at an energy efficiency technology company and was a director at Con Edison, New York where she developed and delivered energy efficiency and demand management programs for the company’s electric and gas customers. “Looking back on my time at Con Ed, Essense’s way of thinking is exactly what we needed to propel our utility customer relationship forward,” said Craft. “Joining Essense was an easy decision and I’m excited to be part of the team that brings transformative thinking and solutions to the marketplace.”

Thomas Demers joins Essense after a 10-year career at Westinghouse Electric Company as principal engineer.  “What attracted me to Essense is how technical concepts and sophisticated business ideas get translated to engaging marketing campaigns that make intuitive sense to all customers,” said Demers. “How many marketing firms would hire a nuclear engineer?”

With Craft taking the role of Chief Operating Officer, Geoff Wyatt will transition to Chief Business Officer to focus on continued growth and development of new offerings.