Branding is a very important asset for any consumer-oriented company or product: think Google, Coke, Apple and iPhones. In fact, brands are so powerful that they can cause a significant boost or reduction to company market valuation when customers change their perspectives on them.

However, in the utility sector, brand has traditionally played a very limited role for a myriad of reasons. For starters, energy is an intangible asset, and it is difficult to brand things that have no shape or form. Second is that the utility-customer relationship has been largely transactional (e.g. billing, outages) where there is not a lot of time to build brand engagement, while external vendors have managed the more relationship-oriented programs on behalf of utilities.

As the sector is evolving, new energy sources and controllers have entered the market (e.g. smart thermostats, storage, solar panels), opening up the potential for energy consumers to become loyal to non-utility brands. Within this environment, traditional utilities and their programs have the choice: to either continue with business as usual, or to proactively build up the role of its brand. In this course, we will cover the basics of energy branding so that you can take control of your brand through all of your utility programs and customer interactions

Topics will include:

  • What is brand?
  • What does branding for utilities mean?
  • What is a brand experience and how is it different from customer engagement?
  • How does one effectively tie branding and utility program management together?
Thursday, May 4, 1:30 – 5:30 PM

AESP Spring Conference,
Hilton Salt Lake City Center,
255 S W Temple,
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

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Mei is CEO of Essense Partners. Having worked in management roles at Fortune 500 companies, as well as served as strategy consultant, marketer and technology entrepreneur over a 20+ year career, Mei brings a wide range of experience to Essense Partners.

An entrepreneurial strategist at heart, in 2008 Mei co-founded ThinkEco, which combined consumer product development with cloud-based energy efficiency and demand. Her leadership role at ThinkEco turned the ThinkEco modlet® into a very consumer friendly product, and it led to the creation and success of the CoolNYC residential demand response program, which Mei successfully led with strategic partner Consolidated Edison of New York. Mei was recognized as one of New York’s Top 10 Energy Entrepreneurs in 2013, and was also selected as an NYC Venture Fellow by the New York Economic Development Corporation.

Prior to ThinkEco, Mei was Managing Director of Strategy and North American Executive Committee Member at advertising and communications agency Havas Life and Senior Director of Strategy with Interbrand. She also served as Engagement Manager at Boston-based consultancy Vertex Partners and Senior Consultant with Oliver-Wyman & Company, where she worked with multiple Fortune 500 clients on strategy consulting and market research engagements over a 5-year period. Lastly, Mei honed her financial analysis skills as Equity Analyst with Smith Barney Citigroup, where she initiated research coverage of a new technology sector.

Mei holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Harvard, a master’s degree in medical engineering from the joint Harvard/MIT HST program, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.