‘Tis the season to hang out with friends and family and have fun, but chances are, talking about energy isn’t one of those “fun” things. Why, we asked… that makes no sense! As we see the world around us, there’s so much awesomely transformational stuff going on in our sector, and a bigger role that consumers can play.  If that’s the case, why wouldn’t you — Mr. and Ms. Energy Expert — be the center of all holiday conversations?

We set out to fix this situation: we are now arming you with the most POWER-ful holiday hit of 2016 – an ENERGY Chutes and Ladders game!  Go on, transform your families and friends, by bringing a printout of this conversation-inducing holiday classic.

Disclaimer: just because you’re the energy expert in your family doesn’t guarantee your victory in the Chutes and Ladders game.