In our experience, having a high PowerBrands Score is associated with several immediate benefits for utilities. First, utilities with high PowerBrands Scores can better withstand negative press and can soar higher on positive news stories. Second, the higher the PowerBrands Score, the easier it is for utilities to get customers to serve as community advocates, to have them sign up for utility programs, and in general to have them be patient and loyal customers.

Longer-term, a high PowerBrands Score means that your brand is most resilient and adaptable to change as utility business model shifts begin to happen. Because each of your brand drivers is working well to strategically reinforce what your brand stands for, any of the levers can be used to dynamically shift the brand’s connection with customers over time. Fundamentally, a true brand leader is able to inspire its audience base to follow it, and this is what a high PowerBrands Score enables.